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Nobody goes to a Stallone movie for the story, but the plot revealed in early September for Rambo V was pretty damn stupid. For those that don't remember, the idea, taken from the novel Hunter by James Byron Huggins, was that a military organization in the Pacific Northwest accidentally made an out-of-control genetically engineered creature, and Rambo and a group of mercenaries are hired to hunt it down. When the announcement was first made, the Internet shook its collective head in disapproval, and apparently some of that got back to Stallone, as he has announced they are changing the script.

In an email sent to, Stallone wrote that Rambo V will no longer be an adaptation (it looks as though he is saving the book for another project), and instead the film will see Rambo headed across the border to "a violent city where many young women have vanished." Now THAT sounds like a Rambo movie.

While the story change (now the third for the film) certainly is an improvement, even if they end up changing the plot again and Rambo travels back in time to fight warriors of the Han Dynasty, fans probably aren't going care. As long as he has a sharp knife, a big gun, and spills lots of blood, people are gonna head to the theater.

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