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Star Trek 2's Benedict Cumberbatch Won't Confirm He's The Villain

News of Benedict Cumberbatch’s involvement in the upcoming Star Trek sequel has likely only heightened the anticipation of the film for those of us who have come to appreciate his work in Sherlock, among his other roles. While it’s been reported that he’s going to play the villain in the next Star Trek film, it seems that may be a “supposition.” This according to Cumberbatch himself, who managed to deflect direct questions about the role on the red carpet at the Golden Globes last night, but did address the nature of his part more vaguely.

Earlier this month, when it was announced that the Sherlock star (see also War Horse, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy for recent examples of his work) was headed for space, it was reported specifically that he was going to play the villain in the film, taking the role that Edgar Ramirez initially auditioned for. However, Collider ran an interview with Trek director J.J. Abrams last week in which Abrams answered a question with a question, responding to an inquiry about the choice to go with Cumberbatch as a villain by saying, “Who said he’s our villain?” Of course, it wasn’t entirely clear if he was just joking or being coy, but based on what Cumberbatch told MTV last night, possibly not...

As you’ll see in MTV’s video below, in which Cumberbatch discusses his Trek-fan friends and family and preparing for the part, he also addresses whether or not he’s going to be the film’s bad-guy...

When MTV’s Josh Horowitz says, “We know it’s a villain, it’s the villain, I guess...” Cumberbatch responds:

"I don't think we do know that, actually. That's just supposition. And that's all I'm going to say about it."

When asked for further details on the character, Cumberbatch responds with a smile by complimenting his interviewer’s tie. In other words, he’s not saying anything. But this is (at least) the second time that someone close to the film has refused to confirm that he’s playing the villain and suggested that the reports stating such may be false. Is this just their attempts to maintain as much mystery as possible with regards to the film? It’s possible that he’s been instructed to refuse to confirm anything about the part, regardless of what’s been reported. Or maybe he really isn’t the villain.

In the meantime, what he did say was that he was working out for the part, and that he starts soon. Star Trek fans: Any thoughts on who Cumberbatch might be playing, if not a villain?

Kelly West
Kelly West

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