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Star Trek Is Boldly Gone

Way back in December I reported about how Patrick Stewart had discussed the possibility of returning to Star Trek and how there were rumours that Rick Berman's proposed Trek prequel movie penned by Erik Jendresen had been canned.

The latest issue of sci-fi magazine Dreamwatch features an interview with Doug Mirabello, assistant to Trek producer Rick Berman, who has confirmed that the Jendresen script has indeed been jettisoned and there are now no plans to bring back Star Trek in any form in the forseeable future.

On the Patrick Stewart rumors, Mirbello says, "It's more likely that some executive had a casual conversation with him and brought up some hypotheticals which he ran with when some reporter asked him about Star Trek... From what I've heard Patrick wouldn't do another Trek movie unless they paid him Professor X money."

He then went on to discuss the issue of the prequel; "The TV side is now technically in control of the franchise's future, and Les Moonves (the UPN head who cancelled Enterprise) hates all things sci-fi. However I think this is actually for the best - the public needs to want to see Star Trek again. The best way to achieve this is to take it away for a few years and then to bring it back and do it right. The franchise needs a totally new creative team, some time off, and a cool new approach."

Mirbello's comments echo many fans' including my own. Sounds to me like this guy should have Rick Berman's job. It's the first time in a long time I've heard someone directly involved in Trek talk some semblance of sense.

Star Trek's biggest problem of late has been oversaturation and a lack of real creativity within the series ever since Deep Space Nine left the air in 1999, which itself teetered dangerously over the same creative blackhole until it broke-free from Trek's traditional and increasingly cloying self-contained episodes into a more dynamic expansive storyline.

Hopefully Mirbello's words ring true and we can expect a whole new, exciting Trek series/movie to look forward to some time in the future, free of the problems that plague the franchise under it's current management. The series deserves to live long and prosper, lets hope that chance hasn't been snuffed out forever.