Though we’ve gotten a teaser for JJ Abrams’ upcoming attempt at a Star Trek reboot, to date we haven’t really seen much from the film. That first teaser really was just a teaser, and aside from a half-obscured shot of the Enterprise’s saucer section, it showed us nothing. Well that’s about to change, if the email I received this morning is to be believed.

One of our readers claims to have seen the first, full trailer for Star Trek. If his description of what Abrams’ and Paramount has in store for us is the real deal, then a lot of Trekkies are about to have their mental warp cores blown. Here’s his amazing description of the yet to be seen, first full trailer for Star Trek:

Paramount logo shows (newly updated) and pans up into the stars... Then an incredible (new?) musical score begins which sounds as if a little of Trek 2 and 3 scores were blended in. Switches to shots of stunning starfields. Closeups of the Enterprise hull while voice-over begins. Narration from older Spock: "The needs of the many... outweigh the needs of the few.." quick pause... Younger Spock: "Or the one" (Quintos line seemed so Leonard Nimoy sounding!)Switch to shot of Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto standing together looking over a horizon at the Enterprise on Earth with an epic city in the background.

The classic Trek overture begins (sounds far more symphonic and far more intense). Narrator: "Next Summer Paramount Pictures Presents..." "The beginning.... of the greatest epic.... of our time" Music dramatically intensifies with numerous planets shown (special effects are mind-blowing).

Chris Pine (?) narration begins with music continuing to intensify while showing a space bound Enterprise.... "Space… "The final frontier...." Quick shots of Kirk, Spock, McCoy "These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise," Quick shots of Chekov, Uhura "Its mission (no 5-year mentioned), to explore stange new worlds.." Quick shots of Scotty and Sulu "To seek out new life and new civilizations.." Jaw dropping running shot of the Enterprise about to go to warp (hairs on me are standing on end) "To bodly go where no one has gone..." "Before"

Enterprise goes into warp, but the warp effect is new with more starfield movement going to warp and then an incredible warp sound and flash as the Enteprise hits warp speed. Star Trek overture continues Then the standard "This film has not yet been rated" appears Then ...Launch Date 5-8-09

The thing the stood out most is the Enterprise looks like a well shot model. No cheapskate CGI like in Insurrection or Nemesis. Everything looks detailed and stunning and sharp and crisp. The music was sweeping.. not battle themed or dangerously themed. It would appear Paramount is gunning for the original feeling of the first Trek film as being a film of wonder and exploration, and not violent battles. Also there were no non-Enterprise crew characters shown. So it would appear they want fans to see the crew and ship and let that sink in before showing any other characters or villains.

The final summary is simply this.. THIS TRAILER DOES IT! It hits every good emotion and memory you have about Star Trek and I'm glad to see Paramount doesn't wait to show the Enterprise or Spock (new and old) until next year. They are obviously wanting fans to drool over this trailer. It is clearly the best trailer for Star Trek ever.. ah heck, for any Paramount film ever. The one thing this trailer fails to do is make this film seem cheap, or chopped, or thrown together like so many films today. It truly feels like a 70s or 80s film where it was an event to see a film at the theater. Its obvious that JJ Abrams and team have done justice for the Star Trek universe. Wow, I never thought Id say it, but not since First Contact in 1996 have I been giddy to see a Star Trek film.

Assuming his description is the real deal, then it seems likely they have a trailer they’re ready to use pretty soon. I’m betting it shows up in front of Tropic Thunder, Paramount’s last, big, blockbuster release of the summer. We’ll find out in a few weeks. For now, take the above as merely a possibility, until we can get some confirmation of our scooper's validity.

Update! The guys over at TrekMovie claim their anonymous sources say our anonymous sources' above information is fake. But since everyone is stuck using anonymous sources... well your guess is as good as ours when it comes to figuring out which bunch of anonymous sources is right. It does seem however, like TrekMovie's sources may be the real deal, which makes the above a probable fake.
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