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I’ve been to a burlesque show and believe me when I tell you very few of the girls resembled slave Leia. But in a perfect world, any good burlesque show should be more slave Leia than Jabba the Hut, and that’s what happened in LA this past weekend when someone had the brilliant idea to do Star Wars themed burlesque. Well it’s sort of what happened. Jabba was actually there, but he put on something sexy.

The pictures below come from the LA Weekly where they have tons more. Some of them are erotic, some of them are awesome or amazingly creative, and some are just plain creepy. I like C3PO, but I’ve never really thought of him as a naked gold stripper wearing pasties. So that’s ruined for me. On the other hand, Stormtroopers just got a lot more fun. Click the pics below to head over there and see more… or in some cases less. Much less.

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