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Star Wars: Episode VII Goes Back To Work Later This Month

Back in June, Star Wars: Episode VII filming was derailed slightly due to the on-set injury that took Harrison Ford out of commission. The production was forced to work around Han Solo's scenes, and they spent a couple days at the end of July in Ireland with Mark Hamill, but there was also a two week hiatus scheduled while Ford healed. Thankfully, that's coming to an end.

The Hollywood Reporter heard the good word from an official source connected to Star Wars: Episode VII that the hiatus will be ending soon, which has a lot of fans wondering if Ford is as fit as they say he is. Judging by the reports and photos of him flexing at the premiere of The Expendables III, we'd say that it's more than likely we're got our favorite nerf herder back in the game!

For a little while, it looked like the production of Star Wars: Episode VII was going to become a problematic, or at the very least severely altered one. Everything was mentioned in the weeks that followed Ford's injury, from re-writes to rescheduling Ford's shots, to even postponing the production to accommodate time for Ford's injuries. Thankfully, the photos and statements started coming out denying that production would be delayed in a significant manner, and that Ford was doing better after a combination of surgery and recovery.

Of course, now that production is going to be going back into full swing, the real question is will Star Wars: Episode VII meet its December release date? While a couple of weeks delay of production may not seem like much, there could be a lot of behind the scenes details and goings on that could end up helping J.J. Abrams get his rumored wish for Star Wars: Episode VII to be released in May 2016.

Star Wars: Episode VII is surrounded by an air of mystery both inside and outside of the actual universe the story takes place in. While we're not exactly dealing with a hive of scum and villainy, we are dealing with forces that are less discriminant in their actions. Hopefully, this is the last eventful notice we'll hear about the production of Star Wars: Episode VII, because we really enjoy when the leading Star Wars story is about something like leaked photos of the Millennium Falcon or Simon Pegg possibly having a cameo. We don't want to see Harrison Ford on crutches, we want to see what Kevin Smith saw when he visited the set earlier this year!

Star Wars: Episode VII is planning on arriving in theaters on December 18th. Welcome back, Harrison Ford! You're all clear, now let's wrap this thing and go home.

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