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No matter which way you slice it, $4.05 billion is a lot of money. For that much scratch Disney could have made John Carter 20 times. Instead, the studio decided to invest that cash a little more wisely, buying Lucasfilm and getting the rights to Star Wars. But while producing a new trilogy of films set in a galaxy far, far away is in the works, along with a few standalone films, nobody expected Disney to only take advantage of their newest franchise at the cinema. As proven by George Lucas proved over the last few decades, there's a lot of money to be made from Star Wars beyond the movies, including toys, games, costumes, and just about any other arena you can think of. So how does Disney plan to take full advantage?

How about with a new theme park? SlashFilm has done some digging and has discovered via the message board Mice Chat that Disney is sending out surveys to discover how much interest is out there for a special Star Wars section in Disneyland. In addition to the message board postings, they have also found a few Tweets with screenshots of the survey, which you can see below:

Even before their blockbuster purchase, Disney's theme park department was already in business with Star Wars, with the Star Tours ride first appearing at Disneyland in 1987 and Star Wars Weekends held at Disney's Hollywood Studios since 1997, but this would be a horse of a completely different color. But what do all of you think? Would you be interested in seeing an entire area of Disney's most famous theme park dedicated to the classic sci-fi franchise? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.