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"Enough with performance art. It's time for protest art."

Can dancing change the world? That's the premise of the fourth installment of the Step Up franchise, Step Up: Revolution. So You Think You Can Dance All Star Kathryn McCormick stars as Emily, a contemporary dancer who moves to Miami with dreams of becoming a professional dancer. There she soon connects with Sean (model Ryan Guzman making his feature film debut), who heads the fleet-footed local dance crew known as The Mob. Together, they discover that dance can be more than an art form or a means of self-expression. When wielded with the awesome intensity of The Mob, dance can be a tool of political revolt that they use to stop a nefarious developer from leveling the neighborhood they love to make way for luxury hotels.

Get a taste of The Mob's mad flavor in the trailer below:

Of course the premise is a bit ridiculous. But let's get real, when you're going to a Step Up movie, you're there for the spectacle not the story. And when it comes to spectacle, Step Up: Revolution doesn't look like it will disappoint. Already we see plenty of beautiful people—including the bushy browed but debonair Peter Gallagher—on display, along with jaw-dropping dance moves, and inventive setups, like the incredible statue number. But with The League of Extraordinary Dancers' co-creator Christopher Scott in charge of choreography, you can anticipate there'll be plenty more to marvel in theaters, especially in 3D.

Step Up: Revolution will hit theaters in 3D and 2D on April 27th.

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