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Steve Guttenberg has basically moved into the realm of television movies and serving as a punchline for The Simpsons and Family Guy. There are many actors who would dream of having that sort of career, but for the once-promising actor that should serve as a message that it’s time to hang it up. Instead Guttenberg is trying to recapture his fame in the worst way - by creating more sequels to movies that were once successful.

Guttenberg is no stranger to sequels, having done them successfully (Cocoon: The Return), unsuccessfully (Casper: A Spirited Beginning), and redundantly (Police Academy 2, 3, and 4). The actor says he regrets turning down some of the opportunities he’s been given though, like Short Circuit 2 and the second half of the Police Academy franchise. Looking at how those turned out, I would have much in the way of regrets Steve.

Guttenberg’s first big announcement is that he’s hoping to return to the Police Academy flicks with a big bang. The star told The Sun that, “a script is being written and so far it is really great, everyone from the original movies who is still around will return.”

If the idea of trying to revitalize the flailing franchise isn’t enough of a shock, try this on - by “everyone from the original movies,” Guttenberg means that offers have been sent to Kim Cattrall and Sharon Stone to reprise their roles too. “I know Kim and Sharon have been asked but they haven’t said yes yet. It would be really great to have them onboard.” Good luck with getting that “yes.” Something tells me Cattrall will sign on for that Sex and the City sequel a lot quicker than returning to the sophomoric comedy where she started out. As for Sharon Stone… well, she might be a lot more accessible, but she didn’t join the Academy until the fourth movie - Guttenberg’s last picture.

The fun doesn’t end with Police Academy though. The actor also wants to follow up Three Men and a Baby with a sequel, currently titled, Three Men and a Bride, which would bring back Ted Danson and Tom Selleck too. ”The script is pretty much written and we are really keen to get that made. We’re very hopeful.” That pretty makes this Father of the Bride - just with three fathers. Considering the charm of the first movie was about three bachelors with a newborn, a dynamic that can’t work into this sequel, I can’t say I’m as hopeful as the actors are.