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It never really seemed a serious possibility, but in the week or so since Disney announced that they had acquired Lucasfilm, Steven Spielberg's name has been one of the most frequently seen on the zillion shortlists of "Who Should Direct Star Wars VII?" It makes sense on some levels, of course. Spielberg and George Lucas are longtime friends who collaborated closely on the Indiana Jones movies, and though Spielberg rarely ventures into straight-up sci-fi, he's always seemed adventurous with his genres and, even at this age, up for a challenge.

But even as every other rumor has pointed toward more up and coming directors taking over the project, Spielberg diehards may have held out hope for their guy…. until now. Access Hollywood collared Spielberg at the premiere of his very-much-not-Star Wars movie Lincoln and asked him whether or not he'd take over Episode VII. His response was pretty clear:

"No! No! It's not my genre. It's my best friend George's genre."

Whether or not the Spielberg/Lucas friendship has been that productive in recent years, given Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, you've got to love that the two remain pals, and that Spielberg at least knows when a certain project is beyond his reach. Not that a Spielberg-directed Star Wars wouldn't potentially be fantastic-- in fact, thinking too hard about it might just make you sad that it will probably never exist. But Star Wars under Disney seems to be aiming to move directly away from Lucas's control, and handing it over to Spielberg would only be keeping it within the same wheelhouse that it's existed in for 30 years. Spielberg surely knows this, and even if he was tempted to direct the next one, would avoid it for that reason.

If you're looking for more Star Wars rumors to keep you going, though, we've got plenty, from a recent indie darling who might take over to a recent Oscar winner who could write it. 2015 may not seem that far away, but that's plenty-- PLENTY-- of time for crazy Episode VII rumors to take over the Internet.