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It's always risky to remake a movie, but that goes double or even triple when you're tackling materials from the past that's beloved. It's one thing to churn out another take on A Nightmare on Elm Street or try and right what went wrong with the original True Grit, but to redo a movie that's already considered a legitimate cinema classic? That takes guts. Rod Lurie, the director behind The Contender and more recently Nothing But the Truth, has guts of steel as he prepares to release Straw Dogs, his remake of the 1971 Sam Peckinpah film about a young couple (Dustin Hoffman and Susan George) who move out to the countryside only to be harassed by the locals. Lurie's film moves the action from rural England to the deep South, where James Marsden and Kate Bosworth play the couple with Alexander Skarsgard as the local tough who's after them.

The jury is still out on whether Lurie has given the material enough of a fresh spin to warrant a remake-- Straw Dogs doesn't open until September 16-- but the film's trailer made it seem like more of a generic home invasion thriller than something as violent or innovative as the original. If you want something that focuses more on the movie's psychological tension, though, check out the new clip below, which debuted at Hollywood.com. Bosworth and Marsden are clearly already getting harassed by the group of local guys they've hired to fix up the house, but because Marsden is an intellectual type-- a Hollywood screenwriter, in fact--he's not sticking up for them the way Bosworth wants him to. It's not really the kind of conversation you want to have, and the filmmaking helps emphasize the awkwardness. Take a look below.

These kinds of conversations won't be why most people come to see Straw Dogs, of course-- even the original is defined by violence-- but quieter moments like this might help the movie stand out. Our own Will LeBlanc picked Straw Dogs as the September movie he's most looking forward to. Does this clip help you see things his way?