Sucker Punch Trailer Arrives Online

The first trailer for Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch is online at last and, it all but defies description. There’s so much going on in this trailer you’ll never be able to catch it all in a single viewing, or for that matter five viewings. Check back here later for a blow, by blow breakdown of everything in it. This is the kind of trailer that deserves every bit of your attention.

In the meantime the trailer you’ll see below only hints at the movie’s true nature. Sucker Punch takes place in an alternative reality, created by a young girl who’s been institutionalized by her stepfather. This beautiful, alternate world is her way of coping while she plans her escape from the looney bin where she’s been imprisoned.

Watch the first ever Sucker Punch trailer below or in glorious HD on Apple (opens in new tab).

Now that you've seen it, hit the pause button and find out what you might have missed . 55 amazing still shots from the trailer right here

It's worth noting that this is not the same trailer shown for the movie at Comic Con last week. This is a shorter version of that trailer. For more on Sucker Punch's Comic Con debut, visit our report straight from San Diego here.

Josh Tyler