On Super Bowl Sunday there were two TV spots that blew absolutely everyone away: Captain America: The First Avenger and Super 8. Ever since both of those mini-trailers landed fans have been waiting for their theatrical ads. Should the information be accurate, today I bring you good news and bad news.

Comic Book Movie has posted a list of highly anticipated trailer release dates and while Super 8 fans will be happy, those looking for Cap definitely won't be. According to the article, the theatrical spot for the J.J. Abrams film will be attached to Battle: Los Angeles, which will be released this coming Friday, but the first real trailer for the Joe Johnston superhero story won't be showing up until May and will be attached to Thor.

As excited as I am to see what the Super 8 trailer will bring, I am kind of upset that we won't be seeing Captain America for a while. That said, if this story turns out to be true, it does make some sense. If Marvel wants both films to succeed they can't let Cap steal all of the attention and buzz, particularly when Thor likely needs it a lot more. If the Super 8 trailer does get released this week, expect it to pop online first and you'll be able to find it right here on Cinema Blend.

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