We’ve been talking about it practically non-stop for the last week, but the big day is finally here, and while the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens gear up for the Super Bowl we here at Cinema Blend headquarters are getting ready to bring you all of the big TV spots set to air during the game’s commercials. Some trailers we’ve already seen, some have just teased us and others remain a mystery – but what are the big movies that we’re going to see new footage from today?

To get you ready for the football championship I’ve collected all of the info we have on this year’s crop of Super Bowl movies and collected them for you below. Happy watching, and be sure to check back in with the site throughout the day as we post the newest trailers

First up is Snitch, the new Ric Roman Waugh-directed thriller featuring Dwayne Johnson as a father who agrees to go undercover and infiltrate the drug world to try and alleviate his busted son’s sentencing. Watch the trailer below:

World War Z
Zombies are invading this year’s Super Bowl, but fortunately it’s in the most non-violent way possible. Marc Foster’s long-gestating adaptation of Max Brook’s book heading to theaters on June 21st and thanks to the NFL the movie is getting an early ad push.

The Lone Ranger
So we have cops and criminals, zombies...next step is clearly cowboys and Indians, right? Gore Verbinski’s The Long Ranger is the representative for the western genre during the Super Bowl this year, but Disney has already fully unloaded its six shooter by posting the spot online last week. That said, it’s a pretty cool looking trailer.

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