Ravens fans are out celebrating in the streets of New Orleans and the confetti in the Super Dome is being swept up, but movie fans can still relive the best moments of the Super Bowl-- the trailers-- over and over again. All the night's biggest trailers are now available online, and with the ability to pause them and watch them forever, we can now truly judge: which one was best?

Refresh yourself on all the night's trailers by clicking here, then vote in the poll to let us know which trailer got you most excited for its given movie. Was it the train pyrotechnics of The Lone Ranger? The giant zombie pileup of World War Z? The passionate Dwayne Johnson Rock-ness of Snitch? The exploding San Francisco skyline of Star Trek Into Darkness? The car crashing through the flaming cockpit in Fast & Furious 6? The people floating in the giant bubbles above the world of Oz The Great And Powerful? Or high-flying rescue efforts in Iron Man 3? When it comes time to see all of these movies this summer you won't have to choose between them, but right now, there can be only one winner.

If you really want to talk more about these ads & whether or not they worked their magic on you, bring the conversation to the comments below. And for all the non-movie ads, you can click here to watch them all.

Who had the best Super Bowl spot?

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