That last image in the latest Man of Steel TV Spot is the one that really piques my interest. It’s Amy Adams’ Lois Lane being carried by Superman. And the look on her face is a winning mixture of enthusiasm, fear, exhilaration and wonder. All of the motions we hope to feel when Zack Snyder’s movie reaches theaters next month.

There isn’t a lot of new footage outside of the shot. We get a fresh look at Russell Crowe’s Jor-El at the 15-second mark. And Superman grunts and screams right before the Lois Lane reaction shot, which is stellar.

The TV spot also gives us a longer listen to Hans Zimmer’s score, which sounds more hopeful and inspirational than his Dark Knight work. And with good reason. I think that Snyder is tapping into the Big Blue Boy Scout aspect of Superman’s mythology. So long as he makes him exciting and interesting for a new generation, we’re completely on board.

The Man of Steel marketing arm has been flexing lately, with new posters, banners and commercials. I think that we’re completely done with full trailers, because the team behind Man of Steel has done a pretty good job at hiding what we’re being told is a bevy of action-packed sequences … which are hinted at in the very end of the clip above. Snyder has been promising a wall-smashing Superman movie, with more action than we’ve ever seen on screen in a Superman film. We’ll see if he delivers on his promise when the movie opens in theaters on June 14.

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