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The Swell Season Trailer: Get Up Close And Personal With The Stars Of Once

Do you remember watching Once? Do you remember weeping like a small child when you first heard the Oscar-winning song from it, "Falling Slowly"? Whatever happened to those two gifted musicians? Well directors Nick August-Perna and Chris Dapkins are giving you the opportunity to catch up with Oncestars Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova in the new documentary appropriately named for their band, The Swell Season. The doc will chart their meteoric rise, their on-set romance, and the aftermath of their Oscar win. The first trailer recently hit the interwebs thanks to Movieline. Give it a spin!

Not only is Once a beautiful film, but the story of its two leads is itself the stuff of great cinematic romance, and this is coming from someone who usually avoids all manner of romance films like the plague. These two did kind of come out of nowhere so once the applause faded and they bowed out of the limelight, it was difficult to keep track of them. The documentary actually followed them while they were on tour after Once's release and, from the trailer, it would appear the cameras were privy to some very intimate moments.

If you love the film Once, or even if you’ve never seen it, the primary function of a documentary is to tell the most interesting stories of real people. Glen Hansard’s and Marketa Irglova’s story is so fascinating that the first few seconds of this trailer, comprised of just moments from their real life, couldn’t have been more cinematic if this had been a trailer for a Once sequel. As contrived and played out as it may appear to be, I always love the realism lent to any documentary by the use of black and white photography. The film has already played the Tribeca Film Festival and will be in limited release in October.