Taken 2 Is Available To Stream On iTunes, YouTube And Others

Taken 2 won’t get its official Blu-ray release until January 15, but those who were hoping to get the sequel for Christmas might actually still be in luck. Fox Home Entertainment announced today that it’s releasing the Liam Neeson flick on a variety of HD Digital platforms effective immediately.

From Amazon Instant Video to Google Play to iTunes to NOOK to Playstation, YouTube and Xbox, the studio is casting its net as wide as possible in an effort to convince people to make Taken 2 the first movie they purchase with their new computers and tablets after Christmas. Early estimates indicate Americans will receive more than sixteen million new Internet-ready devices, and assumedly, people will want to try them out as soon as possible. So, to get out the word, Fox executives have secured advertising space for Taken 2’s digital release during the Christmas Day NBA games, as well as on large websites such as Google, Gamefly and YouTube.

The first Taken was an overwhelming hit by any measure. It was enthusiastically embraced by fans. The sequel, while enjoyed by many, received far less goodwill; so, it will be interesting to see whether enough fans actually follow through on this tablet purchase plan to warrant the large advertising buy. If that happens, expect Fox to brag about it and start using this format to unload some of its bigger release. If it doesn’t, expect this pre-release digital idea to simply float away.

On all formats, the digital copy will cost less than $15.00. If you break it down per person Neeson kills, that's actually not that bad.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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