Takers Prequel Being Planned, Except It's Not

T.I. and Chris Brown have been out telling people that early reaction to their new movie Takers has been so positive that there’s talk of doing a prequel. Except there isn’t. At my screening last night most of the movie was met with derisive laughter. I attended the screening by myself, because I couldn’t talk any of my friends into going to see it even though I had a free ticket. The trailers just looked that bad. No one’s going to see this movie and even if they do, they’re going to hate it.

Still T.I. tells MTV that there have been whispers at the studio about the possibility of a prequel. Maybe in the home video department, assuming there’s a part of the home video department that’s still producing movies for VHS. Chris Brown explains their ideas for a prequel this way, “It's more of a story you can tell, a lot more action. You know, when you do prequels, they always bring more stuff than the last one. That's what make people want to see it.”

He adds, “We talk about backstory [a little bit], but how did this British guy, this guy from the South and this surfer guy, how did they all come together to form this crew? That's going to be interesting to see, if it all comes together.”

Takers is terrible but he’s right in the idea that it would be pretty easy to make a sequel out of. The film uses a big heist which happened in the past as a jumping off point, if the movie were any good, showing us that past heist in another movie might be interesting. But Takers isn’t good and that wouldn’t be interesting. Not at all.

Josh Tyler