Tea Leoni Joins The Cast Of Tower Heist

Back in August, I reported that Tower Heist, a comedy starring Ben Stiller and directed by Brett Ratner, was to begin filming in November. While reading about the movie, I noticed something strange - the idea behind the film sounded almost identical to the 2005 Jim Carrey-Tea Leoni movie Fun With Dick and Jane. In both movies, a man sees all of his money taken by a ruthless CEO and the protagonist hatches a plan to steal his money back. Making the whole thing even stranger, Brian Grazer served as producer on the 2005 film and is doing the same on this one. Now their just screwing with us.

Tea Leoni (yes, "Jane" from the above title) has joined the cast of Tower Heist, reports The Wrap. Though details about her character are absent, the film will be the second time that she has starred in a film with both Ben Stiller and Alan Alda, the first being the David O. Russell comedy Flirting With Disaster. The film's cast also includes Eddie Murphy, Michael Pena and Gabourey Sidibe.

I'm starting to think that they are now intentionally screwing with us. Fun With Dick And Jane was a hit and now they are seriously trying to get audiences to pay for the exact same movie less than a decade later. Somewhere out there, there is a boardroom filled with executives laughing their asses off.

Eric Eisenberg
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