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The fan-horrifying roller coaster of developments for the latest film in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise is seemingly unending, with Michael Bay’s presence, a completely retooled script, and most recently the addition of Megan Fox nabbing headlines left and right over the last few months. And though the latest bit of news isn’t quite as juicy, it’s just as insightful.

The Hollywood Reporter reports Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will now be released on June 6, 2014, instead of the original date of May 16, 2014, according to an announcement made by Paramount. The film has held that May release since last June, but in September, the untitled Godzilla reboot from Warner Bros. also set its release for May 14. While there’s no proof that the Ninja Turtles release shift had anything to do with this coincidence, there are currently no other bigger, scarier releases sharing that June 6 date, though that will certainly change in the coming months. Maybe Paramount thought American audiences couldn’t handle that many green mutants all in the same weekend.

The film will be a hybrid using real actors for the human roles and CGI motion-capture for the turtles themselves. Director Jonathan Liebesman’s last films were the effects-heavy Wrath of the Titans and Battle Los Angeles, so perhaps the delay is just an added post-production cushion to give the computer animators more than enough time to make sure this thing looks spectacular.

The heroes in a half shell last came to cinemas in 2007’s all-CGI TMNT, which made for a dazzling visual experience that was completely dwarfed beneath a moronic plotline. Let’s hope all the extra time spent on this most recent screenplay pays off, and we aren’t left with a pile of cold pizza. Actually, cold pizza sounds pretty good right now.