Looking to skip the lines at the movie theater and celebrate Valentine's Day with a good movie at home instead? No one says you have to watch some tired romcom or a dramatic Nicholas Sparks movie just to stay on theme. Over the years, cinema has given us some truly wonderful love stories, packaged in great movies that might not traditionally be billed as a romances. Love happens in some unlikely places in film, like while being hunted by a futuristic cyborg, or during a murder trial, for example. We came up with a few of our favorite love stories in non-romance movies, for those looking for something a bit outside the box this Valentine's Day, and we've offered an argument for each as to why these romantic pairings resonated with us.

The Terminator - Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese
On the surface, The Terminator is a movie about a woman who's targeted by a futuristic cyborg looking to destroy her and eliminate the existence of her son, John Connor. But take a closer look at the story of Sarah Connor and her protector Kyle Reese and you'll find an incredibly romantic love story about a brave man who takes a one-way trip to the past to protect the mother of his idol. To Kyle, Sarah Connor is a legend. She's the woman who raised and trained John Connor to become the man Kyle knows in the future. She's also the woman he's loved from afar, admiring her in the photo that, as we learn later, was taken right as Sarah was reflecting on Kyle, the father of her unborn baby.

Yes, Kyle's trip through time was fated, as he not only played a crucial role in protecting John's mother, but also in conceiving John. That in itself is a great twist, especially when we consider John's unseen involvement in setting his parents up, but it's the connection between Sarah and Kyle that really resonates. They're not simply two characters who sparked some chemistry during chaotic circumstances, as so many leads do in an action movie. Their bond is a collision of sorts, as her story is only just starting, while his destiny is playing out its final notes. She's an average single woman in the 80s who's only just starting to discover the kind of strength she has inside her as she faces the challenge of knowing she's going to birth and raise the leader of the resistance against a war with the machines. And he's a man from a harsher reality who's only known violence and has never been in love. He traveled across time to protect this woman, knowing in his heart that he loved her even before he met her and willing to die for her as he would for the son she'll eventually have. Sarah and Kyle's story is not only crucial to the set-up of the Terminator saga, it's also a wonderful love story, surrounded by chaos and cyborg mayhem. (By Kelly West)

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