Airplanes are pretty underutilized as locations for horror movies. Everyone gets on those things with completely frazzled nerves, whether from overly aggressive TSA agents or the general fear of falling out of the sky and dying, and you're crammed in this tight space with a bunch of strangers for hours upon end, unable to even get up and go to the bathroom without elbowing somebody else. It's bad enough being on a plane with regular human beings, but just imagine being crammed in an aluminum tube with something even more sinister than a crying baby or smelly guy in the seat next to you?

The Grudge director Takashi Shimizu is now planning to exploit that fear, hoping to guarantee you'll never step on a plane relaxed again. Deadline reports that he'll direct Flight 75, a pitch acquired by CBS Films from a treatment that Shimizu wrote himself. It will be the first English-language horror film he's directed since The Grudge 2, and hopefully a step up from what went from a successful Japanese film to another interchangeable horror movie about spooky little girls. He helped define the direction of the horror genre early on in the august, and by moving to a film that seems to be about totally different kinds of scares, maybe he's aiming to do the same for this decade. Given how much more humiliating it gets to fly every year, he's at least picked a good topic to start with.

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