Greg Kinnear has pulled off some excellent performances when playing a man dealing with stressful personal and professional issues. As Good as it Gets and Little Miss Sunshine are both fine examples of that. Coming soon to (some) theaters is a film that has him knee deep in trouble. Thin Ice is categorized as a comedy, however based on this trailer, it looks like “dark comedy” might be a slightly more fitting description.

Directed by Jill Sprecher, Thin Ice stars Kinnear as Mickey Prohaska, an insurance agent who’s trying to get his business going. Money troubles, including maxed-out credit cards appear to be a problem for the man. And then an opportunity arrises, which may turn out to be more trouble than it’s worth. Check out the trailer below, courtesy of iTunes, to get a better idea of where the story is going.

In addition to Kinnear, the film also stars Billy Crudup, playing a problematic locksmith, Lea Thompson as Mickey’s estranged wife, and Alan Arkin, as the lonely retired farmer who appears to be the target of Mickey’s scam.

Right now, the film is set to release in select cities on February 17th. Below is the poster, which includes the amusingly fitting tagline “Greetings from Kenosha, Wisconsin! Where Ordinary Folks Can Make a Killing!”

Between the poster, the snow-filled backdrop shown in the trailer, and the story of a man trying to make a few extra bucks by doing something that looks dangerous and illegal, I’m reminded of Fargo. Although, going by the tone of the trailer, Thin Ice might not be quite as dark in tone as the Coen Brother’s excellent 1996 film was.

Thin Ice arrives in select theaters on February 17th.

“Have an ice day!”

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