Once again, our friend Da7e at Latino Review is out there speculating about an upcoming Marvel movie, and this time he may have solved the mystery about one of the brand-new titles. At the Saturday Marvel panel at Comic Con, the studio confirmed four in-development films, and announced that the Captain America sequel would be called Captain America: The Winter Soldier-- a clear reference to a run of comics and the return of Cap's presumed-dead best friend, Bucky Barnes. The Thor sequel also got a title, but it was much odder-- Thor: The Dark World. No comics enthusiasts could think of anything in the Thor universe that would inspire the title, so we were left wondering just what mysterious plot Marvel had up its sleeve.

But picking up on an interview with stunt man James Grogan at I Review Too, in which Grogan reveals that he and other stunt guys on Thor 2 are being asked to play elves, Da7e put some pieces together. In the Thor universe there is a group called the Dark Elves, who live in a place called Svartalfheim and are humanoid and led by a guy called Malekith The Accursed-- a part that could easily be the lead male villain character that Mads Mikkelsen turned down.

So Dark World is a hint toward Dark Elves? It sounds plausible, and there's no reason to think James Grogan was making stuff up about playing elves-- though there's also no reason to believe the guy is a Marvel Universe expert, so it's possible he got mixed up. But you can probably count at this point at the Thor sequel getting elves involved somehow-- and some stunt guys accepting the challenge of playing them.

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