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Alamo Drafthouse feels the need for Cruise! They're celebrating Tom Cruise's extensive body of work with an event called "Cruise Control," a mystery marathon of five Tom Cruise films on 35mm. It's set to take place at the Alamo Ritz in Austin, TX next month. Even for those of us who are nowhere near Texas, this trailer for Cruise Control will have us all craving a Cruise marathon. Hit play and get ready to RUN!

Ok technically, Bonnie Tyler's "Holding Out For a Hero" is better associated with Footloose than it is a Tom Cruise movie, but Cruise does know a thing or two about playing the hero, and Footloose star Kevin Bacon starred alongside Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men so it's fine.

Presented by Tough Guy Cinema, The Cruise Control mystery marathon will take place on July 27 at the Alamo Ritz in Austin, TX.

Whether or not Alamo Drafthouse will be serving any Bacon during this Cruise Control marathon remains to be seen. Given the emphasis on "running" in the trailer, it seems like Minority Report would need to be in there, but who knows? Maybe the early-2000s portion of Cruise's career will be represented by Collateral, The Last Samurai or War of the Worlds.

Dipping into the 90s, there's no shortage of options, between Magnolia, Eyes Wide Shut, Mission: Impossible, Jerry Maguire, Interview with the Vampire and other memorable films. As for the 80s, there are the obvious picks, like Risky Business, Top Gun and Rain Man. But I know I saw a glimpse of Legend in that trailer, so maybe Alamo will throw in a curveball (or a unicorn). If the video above didn't get you amped up for non-stop Cruising, here's an excerpt from Alamo Drafthouse programmer Greg MacLennan's announcement of the event:
WHAT IS CRUISE CONTROL? It's a celebration of all things that are right in this world. It's a five 35mm movie mystery celebration of the swiftest man in Hollywood. It is, above all else, Tom Cruise in cinematic perfection back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back. You will Cruise through the life of a man and witness all forms of miracles while soaking in everything he has done to help crack the code of this enigmatic titan of celluloid. You will witness RAW human power as a man will place himself in harms way every step of his career for your personal entertainment. You will cheer, you will cry, and you will be thankful for brushing off every single Tom Cruise detractor as you surrender to the pulse-pounding intensity of what one man, against all the odds, can accomplish. Prepare yourself, because once we set this baby to CRUISE, you will no longer be able to control what will happen to you.

Those who won't be able to make it to this event may decide to arrange their own Cruise Control marathon. Their other option is to head to theaters and check out Edge of Tomorrow. Despite its lackluster box office haul to date, the film really is well worth a look and a fine demonstration of Tom Cruise's talent as an actor and an action star.

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