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Todd Phillips' John Belushi Biopic Is Being Written With Zach Galifianakis In Mind

Back in August an interesting development began when The Hangover director Todd Phillips secured the life rights of former Animal House and Saturday Night Live star John Belushi. There was some suggestion that Zach Galifianakis, who has worked on Phillips' last three projects, would be taking the role but then the actor made a comment last month saying that he likely wouldn't take the role. Regardless of whether Galifianakis wants it, the role is being written with him in mind.

Speaking at a press conference for his new film Due Date, with Galifianakis only one chair away, Phillips confirmed that the actor is the one that he and writer Steve Conrad have been talking about for the role, though Phillips and Galifianakis haven't had much of an opportunity to talk about the part. As for where the film is in development, the director says that fans will still have a while to wait as the project is still in "its nascent stages."

If you subtract the beard and do a bit of makeup work, Galifianakis could be a suitable stand in for the legendary comedian but there's a pretty substantial roadblock in the way: his age. Belushi was only 33 when he died and Galifianakis is 41 and not getting any younger. If the project really is as far off as Phillips suggested, then he really may not be the man for the job. At the end of his comments, Phillips did throw in the caveat that Zach might not even be interested by the time the film goes into production, so time will tell.

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