Doug Liman, a director picking up projects right and left, has been eyeing for his next project All You Need Is Kill, an adaptation of a manga comic about a soldier fighting an outer-space battle who's constantly brought back, Groundhog Day-style, to the day before he died. If it sounds like the kind of risky, expensive project that needs a star to sell it, you're right-- when Liman first started shaping up All You Need Is Kill, Warner Bros. was hoping Brad Pitt would agree to the lead role. Now it seems they've changed focus, but it's still an A-lister on deck-- THR reports that they're now talking to Tom Cruise.

Apparently Cruise had been considered in some earlier stage of development, and now he's back in consideration for the project, which has been retitled We Mortals Are for now (though that's a title that seems to be begging for another change). THR's news is part of a piece on Cruise's sudden new relevance in Hollywood, which is hard to deny-- with One Shot going into production as a potential new franchise starter, and Mission: Impossible-- Ghost Protocol coming this December, the industry is clearly investing a lot in a 49-year-old actor who hasn't had a giant hit since Mission: Impossible III in 2006. Their list of reasons for Cruise's staying power are pretty understandable-- he's reliable, he's still a big name, he works hard, and he's still doing a ton of his own stunts even when his body probably is no position to handle it. We Mortals Are sounds like another physically challenging role, so maybe Cruise is just trying to get in all his jumping and fighting before some key body part gives out for good.

Forget the fact that a guy Cruise's age is not at all what you think of when you think of soldiers, or that it might be smarter to start building new action stars rather than exhuming the same old ones over and over. Cruise can get movies made, and while we continue to give him that power, he's still going to show up in them. And come on-- don't you get the sneaking suspicion that Mission: Impossible-- Ghost Protocol is going to be awesome and make us all happy to have Cruise back again?

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