The international trailer for Christopher McQuarrie’s Jack Reacher dropped earlier, and we suggested at the time that a U.S. version was bound to follow in its footsteps. Lo and behold, here’s Tom Cruise, revving his engines and smashing skulls in the first American footage as Lee Child’s anti-hero. We have it for you below, but if you watched the Russian clip, it’s going to look vaguely familair:

Like the international trailer, this clip sets up Cruise’s character, Jack Reacher, as an above-the-law vigilante who isn’t interested in obeying rules. In reality, Reacher is a former military investigator who's now trying to solve a mysterious case involving a very talented sniper. And as I mentioned when the international trailer dropped, he looks an awful lot like Ethan Hunt, Cruise’s unstoppable agent from Paramount’s Mission: Impossible franchise.

“You think I’m a hero?” Reacher asks in the clip. Paramount sure hopes he turns out to be. The studio envisions McQuarrie’s movie as chapter one in a three-part series, all pulled from the best-selling novels by Child. This movie opens in December. Cruise already is surfing against a pre-release wave of skepticism from fans of the novel who claim that the actor was the wrong choice for the role, however, in a CinemaCon presentation earlier this year, Cruise made it know that he has Child’s blessing, which has to count for something. What do you think of the trailer? Does Cruise have you convinced? Share your thoughts below.

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