If there's one thing that Tom Hardy knows how to play, it's intense and intimidating. In both Bronson and Warrior (as well as the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises), the actor has shown that he has the capacity to bulk up to the size of a brick shithouse and stare down any adversary that falls into his path. That talent should suit him well in the project he just signed on for.

Variety is reporting that Hardy has signed on to both star and produce an untitled movie for Warner Bros. in which the star will play the leader of an outlaw biker gang. The film is based on a script by Mark L. Smith - based on an idea by John Linson - is about a wounded Vietnam veteran who returns home to San Francisco in 1969 and becomes a key figure in the counter culture of the era. Hardy recently signed a first look deal with the studio and will produce the film under his personal Executive Options banner along with Alex and John Linson's Linson Entertainment. The actor was most recently seen in the action comedy This Means War and the spy thriller Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy. The Dark Knight Rises, in which Hardy plays the villain known as Bane, will arrive in theaters on July 20th.

This is an exciting prospect not simply because of Hardy (he is certainly one of the best actors going right now), but because of the Linsons. In addition to the brothers being executive producers on the critically acclaimed FX drama Sons of Anarchy, Art Linson has experience exploring counter culture in film from the Hunter S. Thompson film Where The Buffalo Roam (which he directed). Obviously this film sounds like it will be much different in tone from that movie, but that experience plus Hardy's ability make this an extremely exciting project.

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