In 1994 Australian director P.J. Hogan and an audacious Aussie ingénue named Toni Collette broke onto the scene with the wild comedy Muriel's Wedding. Since then, Collette has become an international star, recognized for her comedic timing and depth in drama. Hogan's trajectory has been less universally praised, and more hit and miss. After helming the contemporary comedy classic My Best Friend's Wedding, he directed a string of lesser-known features, including the underrated Unconditional Love, the underseen Peter Pan, and the underwhelming Confessions of a Shopaholic.

But after close to twenty years, Hogan and Collette have once again joined forces. This time for a crazy comedy called Mental. Check out its poster below, thanks to The Playlist:

Written and directed by Hogan, Mental centers on the Moochmoores, a family of seven, made up of a philandering father (Anthony LaPaglia), a mom on the brink of meltdown, and a pack of five spirited but painfully unpopular sisters. When their mom snaps under the pressure of it all, she is sent off to a mental hospital. Flustered by these teens and tweens he can't understand, their father plucks up a colorful and quirky hitcherhiker called Shaz (Collette) to play nanny to his daughters. Shaz is a live wire with a short-temper and a bit of an insane streak. But she's also exactly what the Moochmoore girls need.

Get a taste of what Hogan and his cast have in store with this trailer from the Melbourne International Film Festival, where Mental made its world premiere last August.

Mental will open in theaters and On Demand March 29th.

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