Tony Scott hasn't set up a new project for himself since his last film, 2010's Unstoppable, became a pretty big worldwide hit, grossing $160 million overall. The director of Top Gun and Crimson Tide has never been shy about constantly talking up the projects he wants to make next, but even with rumors of everything from a Warriors remake to the 24 movie, nothing seems to have solidified.

Until now, that is-- maybe. Deadline reports that Scott could finally be settling on Lucky Strike, which would star Vince Vaughn and be distributed by 20th Century Fox. In a change of pace for the Four Christmases star, but right in Scott's wheelhouse, Lucky Strike would be an action thriller about a DEA agent teaming up with a drug runner to take down a presumably even worse drug cartel. Vaughn also recently seemed ready to reunite with Owen Wilson for the raunchy comedy Interns, but with Lucky Strike ready to shoot this summer, it might come up first.

At this point I don't really want to see Tony Scott try something new-- he's good at one very specific thing, so why ask for something else? But this might be an interesting challenge for Vaughn, who seems to have been coasting for years now and might need something big and different like this to shake him out of his rut. At the very least, I want to see this more than a Top Gun 2-- can we all agree on that?

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