One of the best benefits of working for a movie website is simply getting the opportunity to see lots and lots of movies. During any week of the year, staff members here at CinemaBlend are regularly leaving and coming back from various screenings, always ultimately eager to explain their thoughts and opinions on a particular piece of work. This past year, all of us got to see many great movies, and while we sometimes had different opinions, there were others that all of us could definitely get on the same page about. This list is a celebration of those films.

For all of 2015, the editors and writers here at CinemaBlend have been keeping track of all the movies we’ve seen and logging our opinions, and now that the year has come to an end, we’ve used those numbers to determine the Top 10 for the website. Only movies seen by three or more members of the staff were taken into consideration for the list, and the ranking is based on individual votes out of five (ties are broken by number of votes received). So what are the titles that we consider the best if the year? Read on to find out!

Ex Machina
10. Ex Machina
Average Score: 4.3125/5

Alex Garland’s Ex Machina is what can easily be described as a high-concept science-fiction film: it’s the story of a tech genius (Oscar Isaac) who invites one of his employees (Domhnall Gleeson) to his secluded home so that he can perform a Turing Test on what could be the world’s first artificially intelligent android (Alicia Vikander). Simple as the premise is, however, the execution is nothing short of immaculate. As a first time director, Garland does an amazing job constructing a unique and incredible aesthetic and atmosphere for the film, while the escalating nature of the story does an amazing job building to what is really a shocking and terrifying ending. Just be ready to be a bit afraid of the future while you’re walking out of it.

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