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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Jason Blum and his mega successful microbudget studio Blumhouse Productions are putting together a film where the central location is a big house that just so happens to be – get this – haunted! The company that started the Paranormal Activity franchise will return to a residence of revenants for the upcoming thriller Home, which Universal will be distributing. Two of the actors putting on their best fright faces will be Topher Grace and Patricia Clarkson, who are both in negotiations to star.

This will be the fourth feature from director Dennis Iliadis, most famous for helming the remake of The Last House on the Left, and whose film +1 was an interesting sci-fi film whose interesting gimmick was lost in the midst of a bunch of partying teenagers. Home’s screenplay was written by Adam Alleca, who also wrote Last House and the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s Cell. Iliadis has gone from crime drama to rape revenge horror to doppelgänger sci-fi, so it’s kind of impossible to say one way or the other what Home might look like. That’s somewhat encouraging, as this pic should thankfully have nothing to do with found footage.

The film, as described by THR, tells the spooky tale of a man (Grace) who is released from a mental hospital. He has inherited a large mansion from his dead parents, and while that sounds like a slightly positive consolation, it isn’t. A series of disturbing events alerts him to the fact that the house might be full of ghosts. Or one ghost. Or even a demon monkey. We’re really not sure at this point.

This project has actually been in development for some time, with Brittany Snow originally attached to star for Wes Craven’s Craven/Maddalena Films. When that fell through, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Killoran’s Appian Way imprint teamed with Graham King’s GK Films to get it film made, but it was Blum’s involvement that really got things moving recently. The fact that DiCaprio will be serving as a producer on this thing makes me hope for something in line with Shutter Island, which Clarkson starred in, but will probably end up being closer to jump scare films like The Conjuring.

2014 will be a big year for Grace, who still hasn’t quite shed himself of his That 70s Show identity. Following a 2013 that only saw him in the disappointing ensemble comedy The Big Wedding, Grace recently finished filming Christopher Nolan’s expansive sci-fi drama Interstellar, which looks to be one of the biggest films of the year. He’ll also be seen in Dan Fogler’s co-directorial debut Don Peyote, Justin Reardon’s R-rated rom-com A Many Splintered Thing, and he’ll co-star with Susan Sarandon and Ellen Burstyn in the thriller The Calling.

Clarkson, who was in Zal Batmanglij’s crime thriller The East last year, will also soon star in the YA adaptation The Maze Runner.

No word on when this one will go into production, but if you leave some flour scattered on the floor, maybe the ghosts will spell it out for you.
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