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Now that we may very well be re-entering an era of movies based on SNL sketches-- the MacGruber movie is coming at us fast-- it's worth wondering which other characters might show up on the screen. There's no telling for most of them, but you can definitely count Brian Fellows and Astronaut Jones out.

At yesterday's press day for Cop Out, Morgan said "nah" to the idea of a Brian Fellows movie. "All the things that I did on Saturday Night Live are staying on Saturday Night Live. There's a lot more inside of me." Having already been asked if he was taking career advice from Eddie Murphy, Morgan added, "I've never seen a Gumby movie."

Morgan isn't ignoring SNL entirely, though; at the end of the interview Morgan said he'd talked to Lorne Michaels about making an appearance on the show this weekend to promote Cop Out, but will probably wind up hosting the show instead later this season. So even if Brian Fellows never makes it to the big screen, there's a decent chance we'll see him again on TV very soon.

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