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I had no idea The Day the Earth Stood Still was starting a trend. Apparently the remake of the classic 1950s "aliens invade" movie was just the beginning of nostalgic blasts to the past, and while Keanu's movie tried to update the concept for the modern day (and failed), there's another flying saucer movie on the way that's made of pure 1950s kitsch.

I'm talking about Alien Trespass, a movie that embraces every goofy 50s movie about aliens in tinfoil suits and the strong-jawed men charged with stopping them. The trailer was posted by IGN, and we've got it embedded below. It stars Eric McCormack, a.k.a. Will from Will & Grace, as an astronomer who notices the aliens, and apparently decides to do something about it. It also features girls wearing bobby socks, boys with slicked-back hair, and all kinds of other 50s cliches.

It's hard to tell if this movie will be enjoyable, or just a parade of silly tongue-in-cheek jokes. I guess either would be OK. Check out the trailer below to see if you think this is worth checking out come April.