Trailer Attempts To Explain Eliza Dushku's Locked In And Fails

Poor Eliza Dushku has had it rough the past few years. On top of seeing two TV shows come crashing down, she hasn’t had a big movie in quite a while. In fact, minus Bring It On, she hasn’t really done anything noteworthy on the big screen. As a horror junky I quite enjoy Wrong Turn and for some odd reason, every time The New Guy is on TV, which is ridiculously often, I can’t turn it off. But both are far from good films and certainly won’t help give her career a boost and sadly, it doesn’t look like her latest film, Locked In will either.

The trailer is all over the place. Is it about a romance shared between Dushku and co-star Ben Barnes? No, he’s married to Sarah Roemer and they get into a car crash leaving their daughter with locked-in syndrome, a condition in which the person is awake, but completely paralyzed, incapable of communicating. Interesting, but from there we get into what seems like an Obsessed situation with Dushku’s character wanting something she can’t have. Then we tap into the film’s psychological thriller side that suggests a potential spoiler that I won’t point out in the case my hunch is right.

Confused? So am I. Hopefully this is just a case of having too much to say in such a short trailer.

Perri Nemiroff

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.