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Folks with seasonal depressive disorder, you have been warned: The below trailer for Downloading Nancy is not for you. Not only is it a movie about a woman who hires a man to kill her, not only is it about the somewhat violent relationship that results, but it's filmed in the most dank, depressing colors that make you think of every gas station you've found yourself in at 3 a.m., wondering what's happened to your life.

That's the point, of course-- this is a drama about the darkest sides of humanity, featuring Maria Bello, Jason Patric and Rufus Sewell tormenting themselves and others. But Steve West saw the movie at last year's Sundance and said it felt like "was raping my face." So if you're looking for something intense and unrelenting, check out the trailer below. But if you're in New York like me, and looking at the freezing rain outside, you might want to have something happy on hand to watch afterward.

Trailer originally posted by JoBlo.