One the most charming, easy-to-watch movies at this year's Sundance Film Festival was Save the Date, the romantic comedy with the kind of cast that you should really drop everything to see all together. Alison Brie! Lizzy Caplan! Martin Starr! Mark Webber! Geoffrey Arend! You might not be familiar with all of those names but you surely recognize all of them, from Brie's dual roles on Mad Men and Community to Webber as "the talent" in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World to Arend's appearance as one of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's pals in 500 Days of Summer.

The bonus is that the movie is as good as the cast suggests, and now you can see it for yourself in the film's first trailer, below.

Picked up by IFC Films shortly after the festival, Save the Date is coming to On Demand systems on November 8, and will be in theaters on December 14. It's not exactly the kind of awards bait you usually see this time of year, but that's what's got to make it so refreshing-- a funny, romantic, just-a-little-realistic movie that's built for escapism, but with the kinds of performances and occasional painful truths that make it feel worthwhile at the same time. You can read more of my raving about Save the Date in my review from Sundance, or just see it for yourself next month.

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