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Those loveable scamps over at Honest Trailers have taken aim at another recent release, and this is one that plenty of you will have been waiting for. It’s now time to rip apart Michael Bay's Transformers: Age Of Extinction.

Even admirers of the Transformers franchise - there must be some of you out there, I mean it grossed over $1.1 billion across the world – will admit that there is quite a lot to make fun of when it comes to Michael Bay’s gloriously explosive series, and Honest Trailers doesn’t skip a beat in lampooning it into oblivion. After it’s revealed that the site had been inundated with tweets declaring just how stupid Transformers: Age Of Extinction was, the video begins with the gravely voiced narrator chiding Bay for apparently "wanting to see the world go boom" and Paramount for enabling his desire. They have a point. Then they get right down to business by declaring that the fourth installment is the "stupidest, most incoherent movie yet in the franchise. Which is really saying something." I don’t know though: there were patches of both Revenge Of The Fallen and Dark Of The Moon that were literally unwatchable. I mean, I actually sat there, placed my hands over my eyes, toes in my ears and tried to dream myself away in order to get through it.

So what else do they find to make fun of? Plenty. Not only do they takedown the number of American flags and amount of product placement on display, but they also ridicule the inexplicable decision to set the last act in China just to pander to an international audience. While they also note that no one cares about Shia LaBeouf’s absence and criticize Mark Wahlberg for his Boston accent -even though his character is supposed to be from Texas. All of these are valid points, but their attempt to make fun of the FBI agent who gets punched by a car falls on deaf ears because that was simply wonderful to see unfold.

Of course there were some quite alarming problems with Transformers: Age of Extinction that also needed to be addressed - most notably the fact that Jack Reynor’s character is three-years-older than his girlfriend, who is played by Nicola Peltz. The film is particularly admonished for spending way too long trying to vindicate its decision to include this sub-plot, and you can’t help but wonder why those involved didn’t spend as much time trying to fix the various script problems instead. But at this point, Bay and Paramount clearly don’t mind subjecting audiences to the cinematic equivalent of torture in order to make their billions, and its box-office receipts would suggest that viewers don’t mind being abused too. You masochists!

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