It might be a shame that the wild and wonderful Whites of West Virginia didn't make it to the Tribeca Film Festival for the premiere of the movie named after them. But then again, the crowd of cinemaphile New Yorkers who turned out for the film last weekend probably wouldn't have been able to handle the drinking, drugging and cursing clan that's recognized by everyone in Boone County as the biggest troublemakers in the state.

So maybe it's best that the Whites stayed onscreen, and on hand to represent them were the movie's director, Julien Nitzberg, and former Jackass stars Jeff Tremaine and Johnny Knoxville, who are trying their hands here as producers. When I talked to all three of them the day after the premiere, they told me how Tremaine and Knoxville talked MTV into bankrolling a movie full of so many curse words and so much drug use, a TV broadcast was never possible. And Nitzberg, who made a film about Jesco White in 1990 called The Dancing Outlaw, talked about the relationship he's probably not supposed to have with his movie's subjects. "Filmmakers aren't supposed to get involved theoretically, but I was very involved. That's not how I work. I talk to Kirk like 4 times week. The reason she went to rehab is becuse I was there, partly."

Want to know who Kirk is, and why a documentary filmmaker is sending someone to rehab? Sure you do. Check out my video interview with the guys below, in which we talk about the moral issues of filming people as they destroy their lives, as well as convincing MTV to get involved. And below that you can watch the movie's trailer, because seeing the Whites for yourself is really the only way to understand their appeal.

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