Tron: Legacy Sequel Lights Up Again At Disney

Tron Legacy was largely seen as a disappointment when it was released, making only $172 million domestically on a $170 million budget. But it seems as though Disney still has hope for the franchise because they've decided to move forward with yet another movie set in the Tron universe. Called simply Tron 3 as of now, the studio has already entered negotiations wither screenwriter Jesse Wigutow to handle the pen on the project. Joseph Kosinski, who directed Legacy, is still attached to direct.

THR says that the project is being put on the fast lane by Alan Horn, who many of you may remember took over Disney this past summer as the new Chairman. While the last movie's performance here in the United States was underwhelming, this decision has been partially motivated by success overseas. At the foreign box office the film managed to make a solid $228 million, bringing the final worldwide total to just over $400 million. The studio also released the animated television series Tron: Uprising this past summer, which could help rope younger audiences into the live-action movies the next time out.

Wigutow has previous connections with Disney, as he is also writing the adaptation of Peter and the Star Catchers, a new twist on the classic Peter Pan tale. The scribe also has another project in the works called Parallel, which is being produced by Justin Springer, a producer on Tron 3. David DiGilio, who previously wrote the family adventure film Eight Below, wrote an earlier draft of the script, but the trade doesn't mention if Wigutow will be using it for his work going forward.

Eric Eisenberg
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