Tron: Legacy Trailer 3 Focuses On The Flynn Family

Though all of the Tron: Legacy trailers thus far have been visually impressive, exciting, all that, the problem I've had with every one of them is that seem to assume visuals are all we need. What I've been looking for every time is, well, story, something explaining how the world of the grid works, what it means, and why this kid's father got sucked into it and what they need to do once they're both there.

Yes, I'm sure the original Tron explains a lot of this-- but I haven't seen it, and neither have most people, even the ones who will turn out to see this movie. So that's why I'm glad to see today's new Tron: Legacy trailer, dubbed the "payoff trailer," which focuses far less on dazzling visuals and gives you more about the Flynn family, father Kevin (Jeff Bridges) and son Sam (Garrett Hedlund), including a look at a moving father-and-son reunion that seems like the most meaningful story thread in the film. We also get to see a little more of Clu, the villain played as a younger version of Kevin Flynn (a digitally manipulated Jeff Bridges), plus some scattered shots of lightcycles that look mostly like what we've seen already. Check out the new Tron: Legacy trailer below.

For me this worked not so much because of what see as what we don't-- it's trimmed down from the visual spectacle of previous trailers to focus on the story. As someone who isn't already a fan of the original Tron, that makes me feel a lot more enthusiastic about the sequel than if they'd just shown us more disc wars.

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Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend