Avatar is, unquestionably, the biggest 3D movie ever released. So it makes sense that Disney might want to advertise the next big, 3D event movie along with it. According to information floating around the forums of Tron-Sector this afternoon, the first ever trailer for Tron: Legacy may debut in front of Avatar this coming weekend.

This is, of course, just a rumor right now. Random forum posts are hardly a reliable source. Still, this makes so much sense it’s hard to ingore it. Disney has been ramping up their promotion of Tron: Legacy in the past few days. Last week they released the movie’s first ever teaser poster along with a new image right here. They’ve also promised further promotion later this week, when they’ll release an exclusive still from the film to one lucky Facebook fan. It seems like they’re ramping up to something and since Tron: Legacy debuts around this same time next year, what better time and place is there to tease it?

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