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If I had the money to properly outfit myself, I'm not sure there's anything anyone could say or do to convince me to not become a superhero, and I'm not entirely sure why more people don't feel the same way. I look at the money Bill Gates has and I wonder why he's not using a percentage to create body armor, buy a sweet ride and go stop crime. It's for this reason that I totally get and support the amateur superhero subgenre, from Kick Ass to Super. But we've seen enough from the UK and America. How about something from Australia?

Enter Griff The Invisible. Starring True Blood's Ryan Kwanten, the film is about your standard mild-mannered office clerk who uses his nights to fight crime. His life changes completely, however, when he meets Melody (Maeve Dermody), a woman who not only understands Griff's oddness but appreciates it. In the newly released clip below, you don't see too much of the film's romantic angle, but definitely the asskicking side.

Check it out!