Twelve New Concept Images From Darkest Hour Show Off Killer Alien Shredding

The trailer for The Darkest Hour hit last week and it’s been turning heads with headlines like "aliens like you’ve never seen before." As it turns out, the aliens in this invasion flick starring Emile Hirsch and Olivia Thirlby are pretty damn cool, invisible to the human eye and only spotted thanks to the strange effect they have around electricity. Seriously, aliens like you've never quite seen them.

Today, /Film has delivered a pile of new concept images from the film showing off the way these aliens look, see, and kill. As you can see in the trailer, these baddies don’t mess around when it comes to taking out Earthen lifeforms. This new art tells us that their preferred method of bringing death is by “shredding,” a process in which the electrically charged beings take apart their victims molecule by molecule, essentially disintegrating them in to nothing.

The alien “seekers” seem to gather prey by tethering them with their electric tentacles, visible in the next picture but in keeping with the rest of their race we will probably only see flashes of them on screen.

Finally, the alien POV boasts really cool human figures comprised of the small electrical signals the body produces. Since the aliens are made of such energy, it makes sense that this is what they see. Expect this to be a weakness exploited by escaping humans in The Darkest Hour as they will undoubtedly try to mask their energy output to help them hide from their pursuers.

/Film has 12 boss concept images in blistering high res, so hop over there to scope out some awesome landscapes, the alien base tower, and a fully badass image of Matvei, the leader of a horse-riding resistance group. If you’re not excited now for The Darkest Hour to hit this Christmas, I’m not sure what will get you there.