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Following the release of the first Thor trailer back in December, Kevin Feige hosted an open chat where fans could ask any question they desired to know the answer to about the future of the Marvel universe. When asked about the relationship between Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), Feige responded "Natalie and Chris have amazing chemistry in the film. After an early cut, [Marvel writer Brian Michael] Bendis told me it was the best romantic chemistry in a Marvel movie.” Everything we've seen from the film so far has largely consisted of action and plot building, but now Marvel has released two photos that show off the softer side.

While it's hard to gauge exactly where these images come from in the film, one can imagine that the first one comes towards the end, as Thor has obviously learned humility and has reclaimed Mjolnir. As for the second photo, it seems to come from the moment in the trailer when Thor is explaining the difference between magic in his world and science on Earth.

Check out the photos below or full size over at Marvel.

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