Marvel gave a massive update last week to all of the projects it currently has in development. Captain America is expected to be the next hero in development. Thor has a director. Silver Surfer might have a writer. Even Avengers is in development. But according to Transformers actor Tyrese Gibson, another hero is also in development: Luke Cage, aka Power Man.

Although Marvel didn’t list the sometime-Avenger in their roster of upcoming films, Gibson told Sci-Fi Wire that the script is currently undergoing revisions and it looks like he will star in the adaptation. He also suggested that his Baby Boy director, John Singleton, will direct the adaptation.

Luke Cage was among the first African American characters to have his own comic book – something that Gibson finds appealing about the character. It’ll be interesting to see how a movie adaptation is handled, however. The character originally was Marvel’s entry into the world of blaxploitation and has had problems finding a new definition over the years. A movie version could suffer the same challenges.

Gibson is dedicated to doing a movie that will make the comic book world proud, but only if the script is satisfactory: “Me and Singleton are both looking to be a part of it, if the screenplay turns out right. I met with Avi Arad, and he's very excited about the possibility. But you can't do a great movie without a great script, and the ducks have got to line up."

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