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UPDATE: Well, that was fast. THR's own Borys Kit, who broke the news to begin with, has tweeted that the offer for Gordon-Levitt was from November, and the actor has already passed. Our original story is below.

So are we just going to offer every lead role to Joseph Gordon-Levitt from now on? That sure seems to be what's happening, with the Dark Knight Rises actor on the rumored shortlist for the Guardians of the Galaxy lead, and now word that Legendary Pictures wants him to topline their Godzilla remake as well.

The giant monster movie earned massive buzz at Comic Con last summer when a brief teaser was shown, but the proejct-- directed by Monsters's Gareth Edwards-- still doesn't have a script or a cast in place. The Hollywood Reporter dropped the tidbit about Gordon-Levitt's offer in writing about the brewing battle between Legendary Pictures and producers Dan Lin and Roy Lee, who brought the project to the company. The studio is reportedly trying to boot the producers off the project, which could slow things down in advance of what they're hoping will be a start of production this spring.

While the producers and the studio iron out their differences-- and for more on the dispute, you can read Hitfix's account of Lin and Lee's departure-- we can at least focus on the happier business of casting. Gordon-Levitt isn't the only actor they're considering, of course; according to Variety's Justin Kroll, the studio also wants Henry Cavill to star, while "creatives"-- possibly Edwards himself-- are interested in Monsters star Scoot McNairy and Caleb Landry Jones, the actor seen as Banshee in X-Men: First Class. With the script still unfinished nothing is yet official, but in the meantime you can let us know in the comments who you'd like to see onboard-- and hope that, whatever happens, the dispute behind the scenes doesn't put the project off track.

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