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UPDATED: Glenn Close To Play The Lead In The Susan Boyle Biopic?

UPDATE! To no one's surprise, this rumor has been debunked. Glenn Close's reps tell USA Today (opens in new tab) that it's all malarky. Glenn Close is not playing Susan Boyle.

Here's our original report of this spurious rumor.

Back in 2009 you couldn't talk to three people in a day without two of them talking about Susan Boyle. The homely Scottish woman rocked the world when she performed a rendition of "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Misérables on Britain's Got Talent and became an overnight sensation. One five minute YouTube clip managed to expose the ridiculous superficiality of the music industry. But then, like every internet star, the spotlight dimmed and while Boyle certainly still has her millions fans and best selling albums, her story is no longer front page news. Some people still find her timely enough to get a biopic, however, and now they may have landed a star.

That reputable beacon of journalistic integrity known as The Sun is reporting from an unnamed source that Glenn Close has signed on to play Susan Boyle. Said the source on the casting, "Glenn has played some imposing women in the past including Cruella de Vil and Alex Forrest, who boils the pet rabbit in Fatal Attraction, but SuBo might just be her biggest role yet." The article makes no mention of who will write or direct the project.

Considering that Boyle's appearance is very much a part of her story, I've always wondered about how self-esteem works into casting like this (The Daily Telegraph previously reported that Robin Williams was up for the part of Boyle). Is Glenn Close comfortable enough with her appearance that she has no problem with someone saying, "You'd be perfect to play Susan Boyle"? Considering that this is The Sun, however, please do keep in mind that there is a 90% chance that this story is fake.

Eric Eisenberg
Eric Eisenberg

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